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Unity 2021.3.10 (LTS) or later

Render Pipeline:

Build-in, URP, HDRP, and all other custom RPs

  • Graphics APIs:

DX11, Metal, Vulkan 

Features of DynamicSheetPlugin

  • Generate C# code from custom syntax files.
  • Convert Excel sheets into Unity data files.
  • Open sheet data in the Unity Sheet Viewer.
  • Simple APIs to load and get data objects.
  • Easy integration into existing projects.

How To Use

 Prepare the excel data file. There are rules to follow.

  • The first row contains the column names.
  • The second row specifies the data type for each field.
  • The sheet to convert must be named “Import”.

Open Sheet Manager.Click menu item “Window / Dynamic Sheet /Sheet Manager”.

Setup Sheet Manager
  • Syntax File

  • Excel Directory
  • CSharp Directory
  • Sheet Directory
  • The Code template file path. Dynamic Sheet would generate C# code by this file (You can also define a java syntax file).
  • A directory path to excel files.
  • A target directory path to CSharp code generated by Dynamic Sheet.
  • A target directory path to Sheet data files generated by Dynamic Sheet.
If excel files exist in the “Excel Directory”, Dynamic Sheet will list them in the Sheet Manager window.
  • Click the “->” button to convert a single excel file.
  • Click the “Generate All” to convert all excel files.
  • Click the “Open” button beside xxx.sheet to Open the Sheet Viewer.
With the default csharp syntax, loading and getting data into project just needs 2 steps:
  •   Write a loading function to load the sheet data from the sheet file path set in the Sheet Manager window.
  •   Call XXXXConfig.Use get(id) to retrieve the data by unique ID.
My heading is awesome
  • Dynamic Sheet provides a default C# syntax file and you can use it in your work. You can find it in the directory “/Assets/Leansocket/DynamicSheet/Editor”.
  • Dynamic Sheet also provides some syntax variables and commands to help you define your custom syntax files.

  • ${ClassName}
  • ${FieldType}
  • ${FieldName}
  • #{ForEachField}
  • Variable: Current Table Name.
  • Variable: Current Field Type
  • Variable: Current Field Name
  • Command: foreach loop for the sheet fields.