Procedural Grass Plugin is a GPU driven landscape grass system which supports millions of grass simulations for open world games. 


  • Engine: Unity 2020.3.30 (LTS) or later .
  • Unity SRP: Universal RP 10.8 or later .
  • Graphics APIs: DX11, Metal, Vulkan .


  • Quad-tree based runtime grass tile management.
  • Runtime camera frustum culling for grass tiles.
  • Completely procedural blades generation.
  • GPU instancing supported.
  • Runtime LOD supported.
  • Few GPU memory consumed.
  • Compatible with Unity Universal PBR shading model and metallic workflow perfectly.
  • Supports blades translucency & AO.
  • Draw instanced procedural indirect.
  • Wind fields and waves on grass tile.
  • Control grass thickness by Unity terrain splat layer.
  • Manipulate various blade shapes with Tilt, bend and cubic bezier curve.
  • High quality programming architecture and well coding style.
  • Pure hand-written sophisticated shaders.